About Us

Yoga means Union; Kulam means centre of education and excellence, like Guru-Kulam. Yog-Kulam will be utilizing ancient learning method to develop the knowledge and will be focused on education, training and research in the field of Yoga.

We aim to promote deeper knowledge of Yoga and practise Yoga as ‘Way of life’. We strive to protect and preserve the authenticity of ancient Yoga knowledge. We endeavour to establish communication and collaboration with other organisations having similar objectives. We thrive to foster community cohesion in society. Our name in true sense, symbolizes aims of our organisation.

Our Mission

We aim to bring together the experience of modern education and ancient yoga, to teach the techniques and tools of yoga in the school system.

Our Plan

Our main focus is to serve educational institutions by transforming level of excellence in physical, mental and emotional abilities.

Our Vision

Yoga to be integrated in modern education for all round development of children. Yoga will guide each child to reach its maximum potential. Through Yoga we aim to secure our children’s bright future.

Why Yog-Kulam

Currently, Yog-Kulam is working on integrating ancient Yoga with our education system, with an aim of comprehensive development of our children. Over the course of time, different styles of Yoga have developed, we aim to bring it all under one roof.


In 2020, During lockdown we organised Happyoga events. Which improved and developing children by using Yoga.

Breathe Yog

Teen Yoga is currently working with Leeds, York and Sheffield universities to conduct research into how mindfulness in schools could be most effective for young people.

Teacher Training Course

In the UK, where yoga has been popular since the 1960s, the benefits are well documented. Regular work out has improved quality of life. This is a good example for rest of the World.

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